About this

I started blogging about 14 years ago, during the early years of social technology. It was the height of mIRC, Friendster, Multiply – when smartphones really weren’t born yet. I started a blog as a random decision, driven mainly by the desire to organise one’s thoughts, write them down, and have a platform to share them.

The result was, as a first attempt to blog, was a half-curiosity, half-disaster. There was that quiet joy that comes with the realisation that you can word-smith and craft your thoughts into the written from. But I also had neither the discipline to write regularly nor the structured vision of what I wanted to write about. The blog was a hodgepodge of random content, until it got abandoned and remembered only for the sake of remembering. It had served its purpose.

This fresh attempt to blog is motivated by a few recent events, some personal, some political – what’s the difference, anyway – that are probably best explained through blog posts. But perhaps it’s time to shift away from noisy Facebook posts, where I tend to shoot from the hip, and write with more structure. The discipline to write more regularly – well, hopefully it comes, but the self-awareness is there. Baby steps.

Fullman is a username I adopted more than two decades ago, a borrowed term from a Neruda sonnet, from that time when I was enamoured with his poetry. My real name is Jonas Bagas, now writing from Bangkok, and here, with your indulgence, from my old blog, mostly still true:

11048636_10152848404933434_4856376555216187359_nFullman’s real name is Jonas Bagas, a 3438-year old political whore who dabbles in HIV advocacy, LGBTIQZY rights activism and leftist politics.

He is an atheist who is constantly moved and humbled by life and by the universe. He’s happy when he is bewildered, he is opinionated – and he can be pushy – but he has no qualms about eating his own words. He is, to borrow a self-description from an Indian, as argumentative as the entire South Asia. His only ambition is to be aquatic and to have a chance to swim with manatees.

He wears a lot of organizational hats, but what he writes here reflects his own thoughts, opinion and madness. His own bakla. Naman.

Check him on http://www.facebook.com/jonasbagas or follow @jonasbagas on Twitter.